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SafeWatch Security Camera Registration

SafeWatch Security Camera Registration Program

The Springfield Township SafeWatch Program is a surveillance camera initiative implemented by the Springfield Township Police Department. Many residents and businesses have taken additional security measures to monitor homes and property by installing outdoor security cameras. The Police Department is looking for residents and business owners who are willing to share video from these cameras with the Police Department in the event it captures anything of investigative significance. Security camera footage is a valuable tool when investigating criminal activity. In this community policing effort, participants will play a crucial role in assisting officers to quickly determine if video footage is available near a crime scene. This footage can capture images of crimes in progress, people involved in suspicious activity, provide detailed suspect vehicle information, and can sometimes help track the direction of travel of a criminal entering or leaving a neighborhood.

By registering with SafeWatch, residents can help the Police decrease the time between the commission of a crime, to suspect identification and arrest. Registration in the SafeWatch program allows police to contact you in the event that a crime is committed in your neighborhood. You are under no obligation to give police video anytime you don’t want to. Participants will only be contacted as part of a criminal investigation. The program is non-invasive, as no live feed access will be sought by the Police Department. There is no cost for registration, it is strictly voluntary, and participants can withdraw from the program at any time. All information provided during registration regarding your camera system will be for official use only. Your personal information is confidential and will not be for public dissemination. Participants will also receive a window decal, which helps serve as a deterrent to criminals. If you have additional questions or concerns about the program, please contact the Detective Unit at 215-836-1606.

  • Safewatch Registration Form
    In this community policing effort, participants in the SafeWatch program will play a crucial role in assisting officers to quickly determine if video footage is available near a crime scene.

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