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Local Services Tax

The Springfield Township Services Tax is set at a rate of $1 per week ($52 annually)

Tax Collector: Berkheimer Tax Innovations

The Local Services Tax (LST) is imposed upon each individual engaged in any occupation in Springfield Township. It is the responsibility of the employer to deduct, from their employees pay, the tax of $52 per year at a rate of $1 per week employed. The Springfield Township Board of Commissioners enacted the local services tax to take effect starting in 2019. 

All employers located within Springfield Township must withhold the Local Services Tax at the annual rate of $52 for all employees with annual gross income from wages in excess of $12,000. The tax is to be withheld through payroll deductions on a prorated basis determined by the number of pay periods established by an employer for a calendar year.

Employers are required to remit the tax collected on a quarterly basis to Berkheimer Tax Innovations, the designated tax administrator assigned to collect this tax. Individuals who are self-employed and whose business or practice is in Springfield Township are also required to pay the $52 Local Services Tax.

Refer to the Local Services Tax Frequently Asked Questions for general questions and answers about the tax.

Local Services Tax Forms and Documents

Berkheimer provides all the necessary forms, links to information and payroll instructions for residents and business owners on its website at:

Contact Information

If you have any additional questions with you current year filing, you may contact Berkheimer at 610-599-3142 (Local Services Tax ONLY).

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