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How do I pay library fines?

You may pay library fines in person at the library with cash or personal check. If you wish you pay with a credit card, you may log in to your library account here.

Fine Amounts

Adult, YA books:  $0.15/day
Children’s books:  $0.10/day
Rental books:  $0 .15/day
Audiobooks and Playaways:  $0.15/day
DVDs:  $1.00/day
Music CDs:  $0.15/day
Magazines:  $0.15/day
Museum Passes: $5.00/day, up to $85

Please note:

Fines accumulate up to $5.00 per item for books, audiobooks, playaways, music CDs, and magazines. Fines accumulate up to $10 per item for DVDs. If a patron’s total account balance is $29.99 or over, he or she will be unable to check out materials until the amount is below $29.99.

The patron is required to pay the replacement cost for a lost or damaged item.

FLS does not issue refunds for lost items that were paid for.

FLS does not accept replacement copies for lost or damaged materials.