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I found a baby deer without its mother. What do I do?

Fawns will lay in a circle with their legs tucked underneath, like a cat, and remain very still. They have no scent, so being quiet and still is their only defense. The mother will leave the fawn alone so she doesn’t attract predators to her baby. Healthy fawns are frequently left alone for up to twelve hours while their mothers forage for food.

Occasionally a fawn will cry to let the mother know to come feed them, but unless the fawn is crying for hours upon end, it is probably not orphaned. If the fawn is in harm’s way, you can move it to safety nearby where the mother can find it. If you see a fawn laying alone safely, please leave it be and keep your distance. If mom doesn't come back to collect within 24 hours, please call the PA Game Commission at 610-926-3136. If a fawn is found in one of the Township Parks, please call the Parks & Recreation Department at 215-836-7600.