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Does the Township have an Earned Income, Business Privilege, or Mercantile Tax?

Yes, Springfield Township collects a 1.0% Earned Income Tax on wages, net income from self-employed individuals, and most other forms of compensation earned.

A Business Privilege/Mercantile Tax is levied on all businesses located or conducting business within the Township.  The Business Privilege Tax is imposed at a rate of 2 mills while the Mercantile Tax is levied at a rate of 1.5 mills for all retail sales and 1 mill for wholesale receipts.  A business license is required for both taxes.

For information regarding the Earned Income, please contact Berkheimer at 610-588-0965. For Business Privilege or Mercantile Taxes, please contact the appointed tax collector, Tri-State Financial at 610-270-9520.

For more information, visit our Tax Information page.