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Streets & Highways

Each year Springfield Township spends in excess of $250,000 maintaining our roadway system. This includes resurfacing, cold mill recycling, micro-surfacing and crack sealing, as well as patching and minor repairs.

Springfield's roadway system consists of approximately 175 lane miles of paved roads with 131 miles belonging to the Township. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania maintains the remainder of these miles with the exception of Ridge Pike, which is a County-owned roadway. On the average, our roadways are resurfaced approximately every 20 years. However, each road is inspected every year and, depending on the conditions, receives the required maintenance regardless of the age of the road.

Township Highway Crews are also responsible for street sweeping operations, snow plowing, storm sewer maintenance and repair, creek maintenance and park maintenance, street lights, traffic signals and signs, and other special duties as assigned by the Board of Commissioners.


If the pothole is on a state road - Church Road, Bethlehem Pike, Stenton Avenue, Paper Mill Road, Willow Grove Avenue, Germantown Pike, or Cheltenham Avenue - PennDOT is responsible. Please call them and report at 610-275-2368. If the pothole is on any other road in the Township, please contact the Administration Building to report: 215-836-7600.

Street Lights

All street light outages should be reported to the Township Administration Building, 215-836-7600. 

Construction in the Right-of-Way

If you or your business needs to undertake construction work within the Right-of-Way in Springfield Township, please visit our Forms and Documents section and complete/submit a Highway Occupancy Permit. 

Applications, Permits, and Documents

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