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Recreation Center, Gazebo and Athletic Facility Rentals

Springfield Township Parks and Recreation has various facilities available for resident use.

James A. Cisco Park Event Permit

An event is comprised of 25 persons or more

199 W. Montgomery Avenue, Erdenheim, PA 19038
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This application is intended for organizers of public and private events and/or gatherings on Township property with an expected crowd size of twenty-five (25) people or more that does not directly benefit Springfield Township and/or its affiliated organizations. Springfield Township does not permit events in any other park. James A. Cisco Park is the only park available for private party rentals. By submitting an event permit request, you have access to the picnic grove surrounding the gazebo. This permit does not warrant private use of the entire park and playground. Cisco Park is open from Dawn to Dusk. No one should be in the park after dark. 

Springfield Township Recreation Center

Center A (Gym) Photos

Center B (Former Church) Photos

Maximum number of people permitted per group is 275

1200 E. Willow Grove, Wyndmoor, PA 19038
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The Community Center Usage Policy establishes rules and regulations for the use of the community center located at 1200 Willow Grove Avenue, Wyndmoor. Please reference the RecDesk facility calendar (link here) to check the rental date. Please contact the Parks and Recreation Department if you have any questions.  

Springfield Township Athletic Field

Various Locations Available 

Springfield Township athletic fields are available for rental. Organized sports or events are required to have a permit issued by the Township Parks and Recreation Department. Availability will be checked upon receipt of a completed application. Priority will be given to the sport that is in season according to the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association sports calendar. 

All completed applications can be sent to Emily Croke via email or mailed to Springfield Township Parks and Recreation, 1510 Paper Mill Road, Wyndmoor, PA 19038

Springfield Township

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1510 Paper Mill Road
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