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Haws Lane Development

A Private Residential Development Proposal at 380-402 Haws Lane in Erdenheim

Keeping the Community Informed

This webpage is dedicated to keeping the community informed about an upcoming private development proposal for the property located at 380-402 Haws Lane. Included below are the most recent sketches submitted by the developer on the potential uses of the property, past meeting recordings and approved minutes featuring the project, and future meeting dates in which the project will be discussed.

About the Property

  • The property located at 380-402 Haws Lane is located in the Erdenheim section of Springfield Township.
  • It is adjacent to Erdenheim Elementary to the north, Springfield Twp. High School to the east, Harston Hall to the south, and Haws Lane itself to the west.
  • The site is approximately 4.7 acres in the Township institutionally zoned zoning district. More information on that type of zoning can be FOUND HERE (HYPERLINK).
  • There are several residential dwelling units currently on the property with asphalt parking and driveways. 
  • The property is also wooded, especially in the rear of the site adjacent to the High School.

About the Proposal

  • The developer is proposing the construction of 36 townhome units.
  • Two alternative designs are currently under consideration for public feedback (both are available to view in PDF format using the link below).
  • The proposal is NOT A FORMAL PLAN SUBMISSION; no action or decision can or will be made until a formal plan has been submitted and discussed at a public meeting. 
  • Details pertaining to stormwater, traffic, tree canopy, etc. are not available since no plan has been submitted. 

Preliminary Concept Sketches

Sept. 7, 2021 Planning Commission Meeting - Haws Lane Discussion