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Township Projects

The information below contains updates and plans for several ongoing projects.

Township Public Improvement Projects

Springfield Township continuously invests its resources into projects that improve the infrastructure, safety, accessibility, functionality, and beauty of our community on a routine basis.  The information below contains updates and plans for several ongoing projects. 


1725 Walnut Avenue/Former Tank Car Site (Future Park)

In 2015, Springfield Township acquired a 7.8 acre property located at 1725 Walnut Avenue in Oreland to redevelop the site into a new public park. The Township is in the midst of finalizing the voluntary Act 2 land recycling program through the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and is currently taking steps to proceed in transforming this former industrial site into a recreational amenity for the benefit of the community!

As of March 2023, the Township has acquired over $1 million to fund site improvements. Learn more about the project by visiting our dedicated project webpage using the link below:

Project Webpage 

In June 2023, the Commissioners invited neighbors of the property to submit letters of interest if they were interested in joining the Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee to form a steering committee for the master plan of the site. The committee has developed scope of work and a request for proposal, both of which are being reviewed by PA DCNR. 

380-402 Haws Lane Partial Acquisition (Future Park)

Springfield Township took decisive action on this divisive property in Sept. 2022 when the Board of Commissioners issued a partial condemnation to acquire 2.759 acres out of the 4.8 acre site. Once the condemnation is finalized, the 2.759 acres of will be repurposed into a natural resources park with a trail through the woodlands. Learn more about the project by visiting our dedicated project webpage using the link below:

Project Webpage 

Cisco Park Playground Improvements

The Township has placed an order for new playground equipment for Cisco Park Playground. Currently, bid documents are being prepared for the sitework that would need to be completed in conjunction with the new equipment installation. Once the equipment is installed, a new rubber safety surface will be installed. In addition, the Springfield Rotary Club has pledged $32,000 towards the construction of a pavilion adjacent to the renovated playground. This project is set to begin Monday, April 22nd. The pavilion installation timeframe has yet to be determined.

Integrity Avenue Stormwater Project

Agreements for easements have been executed between the Township and 3 property owners on the 300 block of Lorraine Ave, whose properties border Integrity Avenue to construct a stormwater basin and related drainage improvements to control stormwater flow. A grant was awarded to the Township in the amount $107,500 from the Commonwealth Of Pennsylvania Finance Authority Flood Mitigation Program. The project went out to bid in April 2024. 


Bethlehem Pike Safety Improvements

PennDOT began their project to modify Bethlehem Pike in Springfield Township from Stenton Avenue to Sunnybrook Road as part of its Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP). The project will improve the safety and navigation of Bethlehem Pike, including:

  • Converting Bethlehem Pike from a four-lane roadway to a three-lane roadway with a two-way center left turn lane
  • Modifying traffic signal phasing and timing
  • Upgrading traffic signal equipment to improve pedestrian safety and vehicular visibility

Project Webpage


Walnut Avenue Pedestrian Trail

On February 8th, 2024, the Township received bids for the installation of a walking trail on Walnut Ave from Oreland Mill Road to the area adjacent to the entrance of Sandy Run Park. Through a partnership with Sandy Run Country Club, the trail was installed along the southern side of Walnut Ave. This project was completed in May 2024.

Burton Road Flood Mitigation Project

In January 2023, the Township held a bid opening for the construction of a new storm water detention basin on the grounds of Sandy Run County Club and an overflow swale located between two single family dwellings on Burton Road. The project was completed in April 2023.

Bysher Field ADA Improvement

In June 2023, the Township held a bid opening for the Bysher Field ADA Improvements project. The project included construction of a 20” wide paved emergency vehicle driveway, and an 8” wide walking path. The driveway was requested by the Emergency Services Committee to provide access to the snack bar area at the center of the property in a medical or fire emergency. The walkway provides an ADA accessible route for pedestrians from the parking lot to the minor league baseball field. Also included was a modification to the existing stormwater detention basin. A grant in the amount of $75,000 was awarded from Senator Haywood for the completion of this project. The project work was completed in October 2023.