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Paying taxes

Per the Springfield Township's Tax Collector:

Please mail checks, money orders, or bank checks to Joelle Kleinman, Treasurer/Tax Collector, PO BOX 27622, Philadelphia, PA, 19118 or pay online. If you need to know how the amount of a bill and/or if it has been paid (or not), please contact Joelle Kleinman directly by sending an email to 

or by visiting the tax collector's website  Please do not call the Township, School District, or Library. They are not in charge of, do not manage, direct, control, oversee or supervise the Treasurer and cannot accept payments. 

The tax collector has a drop box at the Township Administration that residents can put tax payments in outside of office hours. WSFS bank no longer is able to accept tax payments. 

Please be advised, Ms. Kleinman does not have access to tax records prior to 2022. Residents will have to reach out to the previous Tax Collector, Bonny Davis, for real estate tax issues or requests for the years 2021 and prior at 215-233-4040.