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Real Estate Tax

The Springfield Township Real Estate Tax is set at a rate of 4.441 Mills of assessed valuation.

Tax Collector: Springfield Township Treasurer Joelle Kleinman

All owners of taxable real property in Springfield Township (vacant land or residential, commercial, and other structures) are subject to a real estate tax each year. The Springfield Township Board of Commissioners determine the annual millage rate for the Real Estate Tax at the time that the budget is adopted each year. The Montgomery County Board of Assessment determines the assessment of each property. The Real Estate Tax is calculated by multiplying the adopted millage by a property's assessed value as determined by the Montgomery County Board of Assessment.

The total Real Estate Tax rate for the 2023 calendar year is 4.516 mills of assessed valuation.

About Tax Billing and Collection:

Please note: Real Estate/Property tax billing and collection for the township, county, and school district is the responsibility of Springfield Township's independently elected Treasurer/Tax Collector, Ms. Joelle Kleinman. For more information, please visit our Treasurer & Tax Collector webpage or go directly to the Springfield Township Treasurer's website at:

Please be advised, Ms. Kleinman does not have access to tax records prior to 2022. Residents will have to reach out to the previous Tax Collector, Bonny Davis, for real estate tax issues or requests for the years 2021 and prior at 215-233-4040.

Contact Information

Name: Title: Telephone:

Joelle Kleinman

Treasurer/Tax Collector 215-233-1084

Other Local Tax Agencies:

There are THREE different taxing entities to which Springfield Township property owners pay the real estate tax:

Municipality - Springfield Township
School - Springfield Township School District
County - Montgomery County

The real estate tax is based on a millage rate levied each year by the respective governing bodies of those jurisdictions. For example, the Township real estate tax is set by the Springfield Township Board of Commissioners in December each year as part of the annual budget process; the School real estate tax is set each spring by the Springfield Township Board of School Directors; and the County real estate tax is set each December by the Montgomery County Board of Commissioners. 

You can view the tax rates for all three bodies as well as all other community in Montgomery County by visiting: Montgomery County and Municipal Millage Rates 




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