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Arbor Day Celebration

2024 Celebration - April 27th

Arbor Day is a holiday dedicated to inspiring individuals and groups to plant trees. In Springfield Township, Arbor Day is usually celebrated on the Saturday following Arbor Day. The Springfield Board of Commissioners have declared Saturday, April 27th Arbor Day in Springfield Township.  

In celebration, the Springfield Township Shade Tree Commission will be hosting its Annual Arbor Day Celebration on Saturday, April 27th at Wyndhill Park from 10am to 12pm.

Tree Giveaway

As part of our Arbor Day celebration, the Shade Tree Commission will be hosting its traditional tree giveaway by raffling off thirty (30) trees to eligible Township Households who register in advance. 

Residents interested in entering the raffle for a chance for a free tree MUST REGISTER IN ADVANCE starting at 9am on Friday, April 12th. PRE-REGISTRATION to be entered into the raffle will remain open until thirty (30) households are selected and emailed after 4pm on Friday, April 19th. Raffled trees are limited to one per winning household. Households who received a tree as part of the Shade Tree Commission's Tree Giveaway at Arbor Day 2023 and 2022 may not be eligible. First priority will be given to households who have never received a tree. 

A representative of the Shade Tree Commission will reach out via email to confirm tree pickup. If the person selected does not confirm "yes" within 48 hours, the tree may be given away to another household.

Registration for our Tree Giveaway Raffle will be available online or in person at the Springfield Township Administration Building. 


2024 Available Trees

Enter our Tree Giveaway Raffle for a chance to win one of these trees below. On the raffle registration form, you may choose your first and second choice/preference. 

      • White Oak 2-3 gall. (Quercus albaThis beautiful tree can be found presiding over pastures, providing shade in urban parks and suburban neighborhoods, and thriving in natural stands throughout the eastern United States and southeastern Canada. The tree displays a splendid red fall color and features a broad canopy. Suitable for large areas.

      • Sugar Maple 2-3 gall. (Acer saccharumThe sugar maple is one of America’s best-loved trees. While commercially planted for its delicious syrup and value as lumber, this tree makes a great addition to any yard or park. And one of its most prominent features is amazing fall color. As the seasons change, the leaves turn vibrant shades of yellow, burnt orange, and red.

      • Sweet Bay Magnolia 2-3 gall. (Magnolia virginianaWhile it may not produce as many blooms as other magnolias, the sweetbay magnolia should not be counted out of your landscape plans. This tree flowers late in the spring, avoiding much of the frost that can spoil a blooming tree’s beauty. It also attracts a wide variety of songbirds with its fall fruit. The tree produces creamy white flowers with light lemon scent and yields scarlet-red seeds, attracting many birds.

Tree Information courtesy of the Arbor Day Foundation. Pictures of the trees can be viewed on the associated flyer and sign-up form. 

About Arbor Day

Arbor Day is a holiday dedicated to the planting and caring of trees. Trees are important to our local ecosystem for a number of reasons, including improving air quality, stormwater management, shading and cooling, preserving soil, and supporting wildlife. By giving out free trees, the Shade Tree Commission hopes to inspire the planting and care of trees in the Township.