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Trash & Recycling

Rules and regulations for the storage, collection, and disposal of refuse and recyclables

Springfield Township continues to operate one of the most successful recycling programs in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The continued cooperation and participation of all Township residents will ensure our success into the next century. In addition, the Township refuse department is as efficient as the largest private collection firms in the country.

Household Refuse and Recycling Regulations

Description of Household Waste

Trash should be placed out for pickup before 7am on collection day. Trash routes are always subject to change. 

Acceptable for refuse collection: Pizza boxes, garbage (when drained and wrapped), rags, metal, ashes, crockery, grass, latex paint after drying in can (no lid), carpeting (must be securely tied so as not to exceed 3 feet in length, nor 25 lbs. in weight), padded envelopes, plastic film window envelopes and large bulky items such as furniture and bedding. Household refuse must be placed in watertight containers not to exceed 32 gallons capacity and 50 lbs. in weight.  Large cans with metal lifting bars and/or in excess of 32 gallon capacity will not be collected due to risk of injury.

Not acceptable for collection:

  1. NO Appliances such as televisions, refrigerators, freezers, hot water tanks, ranges, washers, dryers, vacuum cleaners, etc., computers, monitors and other electronics, lawn mowers, auto parts (including tires), and items containing gasoline or oil. 
  2. NO Loose Hypodermic Syringes nor other sharp objects may be put out for refuse. Syringes (needles) must be placed in the American Medical Association's approved protected containers for proper disposal to minimize injury to personnel. For more information on how to dispose of sharps, click here
  3. NO Business Trash. 
  4. NO Construction Material. All materials resulting from the repair, excavation, construction or demolition of buildings or structures shall be removed by, and at the expense of, the owner of the property or the contractor doing the work.
  5. The following hazardous materials are not acceptable for collection by the Township: pesticides, herbicides, automotive oils, drain and oven cleaners, spot removers, dry cleaning fluid, rug cleaners, dyes, lighter fluids, photographic chemicals, concrete and asphalt sealers, swimming pool chemicals, oil based paint, paint thinner, turpentine, paint remover, furniture strippers and furniture refinishing products. Montgomery County sponsors a Household Hazardous Waste Collection Program to safely dispose of these items. For more information about the Household Hazardous Waste Program, please call 610-278-3618 or visit



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