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Former Tank Car Site Redevelopment

Learn the latest about the Township's effort to redevelop the former Tank Car Site in Oreland

Description of the Site

From approximately 1921 until 2001, TCCA owned and operated a facility at the Property to repair or maintain railroad tank cars. Operations at the facility included the rebuilding, repair, alteration, and conversion of rail cars; major and minor fabrication and welded repairs to tanks; and sandblasting and painting of railroad cars. TCCA’s former industrial operations at the facility produced hazardous wastes and liquids containing hazardous substances that were placed in a lagoon, and later into buried tanker cars, at the Property. In addition, sandblasting grit containing lead was used and disposed of at the Property. When TCCA ceased operations in 2001, the lagoon, tanker cars, and sandblast grit were left in place on the Property. The EPA initiated a Superfund removal site evaluation at the Site in 2006 and selected to conduct a Removal Action. This action included the identification of above- and below-ground tanks; securing tank-openings and piping systems to prevent releases of hazardous substances; and sampling, characterizing, removing, and disposing off-Site liquids in the tanks. It did not, however, remediate all known contaminants on the site. Residual contaminants in soil and groundwater were left behind. BL Companies, on behalf of the Township, currently is in the process fully delineating these impacts. Once fully delineated, the residual impacts will be actively remediated, as needed, and then capped with several feet of clean fill material.

Latest News

SEPTEMBER 2021: Office Building Demolished

In the interest of public safety, the office building at 1725 Walnut Ave. was demolished. The demolition work was conducted by a qualified professional in a controlled fashion as to limit any disturbance that might arise from the work. A Hazardous Materials Inventory conducted by BL Companies identified all known hazardous materials in the building and procedures for ensuring the containment of those materials, mostly old-fashioned fluorescent lighting and floor tiles, was in place during the demolition. 

JULY 2021: Environmental Water & Soli Sampling Continues

The environmental assessments being undertaken by BL Companies, on behalf of the Township, continues at the site. 3rd quarter assessments are expected to take place in October 2021. 

FEBURARY 2021: Commissioners approve additional deep-water monitoring well

At their regular business meeting, the Board of Commissioners authorized the installation of an additional deep-water monitoring well at the site. The additional well was recommended by BL Companies, the environmental consultant currently contracted by the Township to guide the community through the State's Act 2 clean-up process and conduct Environmental Assessments (which includes soil and water sampling). 

LATE 2020: Environmental Water & Soli Sampling Begins

In late 2020, the Board of Commissioners granted BL Companies the authorization to conduct additional environmental assessments of the property as part of the Township's Act 2 plan to ensure that the site is cleaned-up and suitable for redevelopment by the Township into a public park. This assessment includes regular deep water monitoring and soil sampling over the course of the coming months.