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Parking and Traffic Restrictions

Apple Studios will be filming an episode of a new series titled “Catamount” in Wyndmoor on Monday, Feb 12. Filming will occur at the intersection of Willow Grove Ave & Flourtown Road and at the intersection of Willow Grove Avenue & Traymore Avenue. The following traffic and parking impacts will be necessary:

  • Monday, February 12 6:00AM- 8:00PM
    • East side of Flourtown Ave. between Wyndmoor Ave & Willow Grove, half block closest to WIllow Grove Ave.
    • South side of Willow Grove Ave, 3 spaces in front of Locals Coffee
    • West side of Flourtown Ave between Willow Grove Ave. and Campbell Ln
    • East side of Traymore Ave between Willow Grove Ave and Gilbert Ave
    • South side of Wyndmoor Ave, 5 Flourtown Ave to Traymore Ave

Road Closures

For the safety of motorists and crew members, periodic traffic restrictions will be in place at the intersection of Willow Grove Avenue and Flourtown Avenue, and at the intersection of Willow Grove Avenue and Traymore Avenue. These restrictions should last no more than five minutes at a time, and will allow emergency vehicles to pass through as needed and without interruption. Motorists are encouraged to avoid the area or allow for extra time when traveling through the area because slowdowns may occur.

Traffic concerns can be directed to the Springfield Police Dept. 215-836-1601.

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