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Due to relatively mild winter weather conditions and an increase in material observed for collection, Springfield Township's residential curbside leaf waste collection will begin Monday, February 12, 2024 and will run through mid December. Leaf waste collection will occur on your regular trash day after trash collection.

Accepted Materials

Leaf waste includes leaves, garden residues, shrubbery, tree trimmings and similar material. 

Materials NOT Acceptable for Leaf Waste Collection

  • Tree limbs with nails, wire, or any metal or cement
  • Bundles with wire, metal, or concrete stones
  • Bamboo, thorns, poison ivy or oak
  • Pressure-treated wood
  • Landscape timbers
  • Railroad ties
  • Logs or firewood
  • Materials cut by contracted services
  • Grass clippings – are not leaf waste. Please do not include grass with your leaf waste.
    • Place grass in cans or plastic trash bags for regular Refuse collection.
    • Do not use paper bags for the disposal of grass clippings.
    • Recycle your grass clippings back into the lawn instead of bagging them. This process is called Grass-cycling.


  • All bundles and bags should be placed at the curb, separate from Refuse & Recycle material, in an orderly pile by 7:00 AM on your regular collection day.
  • Leaves and garden debris will be collected as long as they are placed in biodegradable bags – not loose in cans.
  • Brush will be collected as long as it is securely tied and bundled so as not to exceed 4 feet in length, 6 inches in diameter or 25 pounds in weight.
  • Fifteen (15) bags of leaf waste will be collected on a weekly basis. To the extent that additional bags are placed at curbside for collection, the Township will make reasonable efforts to remove them in a timely manner.  The bags are not to exceed 50 pounds in weight.
  • You are encouraged to voluntarily compost leaves and garden debris in an environmentally responsible manner, including home-based composting and grass-cycling (see note above).

Additional Notes

  • Leaf waste will be collected later in the day after the Refuse crew has completed their daily collection route.
  • Logs, rocks and other non-organic debris cause major damage to the processing machine. These items should not be placed in the biodegradable leaf waste bags.
  • All leaf waste materials will be composted into a useful mulch for gardens. FREE mulch is now available (location: E. Wissahickon Ave across from St. Joseph’s Villa).



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