The Flourtown, Oreland and Wyndmoor Fire Companies, and Community Ambulance Association of Ambler, provide fire, rescue and emergency medical services to the residents of Springfield Township. Each organization also provides assistance to surrounding communities during large-scale incidents.

The fire companies are comprised of volunteers who offer their personal time and energy to protect their neighbors from fire and other life threatening situations, and the ambulance personnel are paid professionals with extensive training in their field.  The men and women of the fire companies and ambulance association devote hundreds of hours a year to train and be prepared for the various situations they may encounter.

Firefighter training includes fire suppression, vehicle extrication, CPR, first aid, water rescue and hazardous material awareness, just to name a few. The paramedics and emergency medical technicians who staff the ambulance are trained to address patients who sustain a minor injury or trauma event.

All four agencies strive to provide the very best emergency service to the residents and businesses of our community. To do so requires extensive training and very expensive equipment that must be replaced on a regular basis to ensure it is in proper working condition. 

The Township provides only partial funding to each of these agencies to offset their operations. Every year the fire company that serves your neighborhood makes an annual appeal for donations, and the ambulance association conducts a membership drive. If you have not already responded to the most recent appeal, please take a moment to respond with a donation of any size. If you misplaced your request, or have not received one, please note that a donation or membership can be made at any time as follows:


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