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The Board of Commissioners is deeply disturbed by the senseless death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. This tragedy has hit home in every community in America and should be a wakeup call to every community leader. Together we speak for everyone in the Springfield Township Family of officials, staff and volunteers that we all are committed to taking active measures to eradicate the racism, nativism and bigotry that have become so pervasive in our society today, and have been throughout our country’s history. Our Township has, for the most part, avoided incidents stemming from these kinds of ideologies. Nonetheless, we are reminded of an incident involving the distribution of racist hate mail in one of our neighborhoods only a short while ago. No community can turn a blind eye to the insidious nature of these efforts. To that end, our Springfield Township Government, administration, staff and volunteers are linked arm-in-arm to uphold the values we care for so deeply. These values are exactly why we all commit long hours to working on behalf of our community.

This is a time when our local community must come together more than ever before to counter racism and social injustice. And to that end, we have and will continue to make sure that all of our employees receive the proper training and guidance to deal with sensitive situations as they relate to these issues. Among these are de-escalation training for our police officers as part of live training scenarios held on an annual basis.

The death of Mr. Floyd in Minneapolis was a tragic occurrence that did not need to happen. This is true for other recent incidents in Florida and Kentucky. Inspiration was found in a news report from Sunday about a local New Jersey Sheriff who put down his weapon and linked arms with peaceful protestors. In that spirit, we all have to work towards the same goal of protecting and supporting one another in these difficult times. We welcome the continued support that we receive from our community members as they help us and we all help one another to make Springfield Township an outstanding place to live and work.

This Board “takes a knee” in solidarity with our nation as we begin to heal and address the concerns of all our community residents.

Board of Commissioners of Springfield Township,

Baird Standish, President

Eddie Graham, Vice President

You can view a PDF version of this statement HERE (PDF).  


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