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It is important to consider safer, alternative options to celebrating this Halloween. Most of the traditional activities that occur on Halloween night are high risk for spreading COVID-19 and residents are reminded to exercise caution and adhere to CDC health and safety guidelines. Montgomery County Department of Public Safety has also issued some local guidelines for safer, alternatives to traditional Halloween activities. 

Montgomery County Halloween Guidance

Alternative Ideas to Make Halloween Fun

From the Montgomery County Department of Public Health:

  • Set up a candy graveyard: Set up fake tombstones in your yard with prizes and candy piled up next to each tombstone. Each kid enters the graveyard one at a time. Candy and prizes are be packaged in individual treat bags for extra safety.
  • Reverse trick-or-treating: Similar to the COVID-19 birthday parades, people in the car throw candy or deliver it to the kids in costumes in their yards.
  • Handing out candy: Decorate tables or booths in front yards where individual bags or cups of candy can be handed out. Invent and build candy chutes for contactless trick-or-treating. Hang candy from the fence for children to grab as they pass.
  • Social distance costume bicycle parade: Costume wearers take to the streets as a catwalk to show off their costumes, hand out, and collect candy. People can also decorate bikes, wagons, golf carts, and cars to show off their looks!
  • Boo or ghost people: Drop a Halloween goodie bag or pumpkin on the doorsteps of friends and loved ones as a contact-free way to celebrate. This usually works by sneaking to your "booing" subjects’ home after dark, ringing the doorbell, leaving the treats on their doorstep, and running!
  • Glow-in-the-dark egg hunt: Buy Halloween-themed eggs or Halloween-ify old plastic eggs you already own (glow sticks work too!) with stickers or markers. Add candy and hide them in the yard or around the house.
  • Pumpkin carving: Carve or decorate pumpkins with members of your household and display them. Carve or decorate pumpkins outside, at a safe distance, with neighbors or friends.
  • Trunk-or-treat: See Montgomery County's Department of Health Guidelines for Trunk-or-Treat


Montgomery County Halloween Guidance

CDC Halloween Guidance

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