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The Montgomery County Office of Public Health is working closely with the Pennsylvania Department of Health in supplying COVID-19 vaccine. The initial roll-out of the vaccine will be in limited supply and vaccination efforts will focus on those at highest risk for contracting COVID-19 or developing serious illness from COVID-19.

Pre-screening for Phase 1A Healthcare Agencies and Phase 1B Businesses 

Pre-screening is available for healthcare workers who qualify for Phase 1A and businesses/industries who qualify for Phase 1A or 1B in Montgomery County. The Office of Public Health will review the responses and send a registration link to persons that fit into the 1A category, which will take them to an appointment system. Appointment confirmation and a medical license, badge, or paystub verifying employment will be required to receive a vaccination.

  • Healthcare Offices and Healthcare professionals (Phase 1A): Individuals employed by a healthcare office should have their office complete one survey form for all staff.
  • Phase 1A and 1B Businesses: Non Healthcare related businesses categorized as 1A or 1B (first responders, grocery stores, clergy, day care centers, etc.).
  • Private Healthcare Contractors: Private contractors who work in the healthcare industries listed in the Phase 1A category and who do not have a primary employer may apply as an independent contractor. In this case, “Business Name” would be “Your Name Private Contractor.” Business contact information would be the individual’s contact information. A description of the individual’s work in the healthcare industry (as described above in 1A) should be included under “describe the service your agency providers.”

Pre-screening for Healthcare & Businesses


Pre-registration for Individuals

Pre-registration is also open to high-risk individuals who are:

  •  65 years of age or older, or
  • Individuals who have health conditions that qualify them for Phase 1B or 1C

At this time, the survey is not accepting responses from individuals who qualify for vaccination in Phases 1B and 1C based solely on occupation.

Pre-registration for Individuals

For information on the qualifications of receiving the vaccine during each phase, please visit the County's Vaccine Portal

**Please note: Registration is currently only available online and an email address is required

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