Treefell HERO

Residential Disposal of Tree Debris

As a result of Wednesday's storm, numerous areas of the Township have a large amount of tree limbs and debris on their property. Below are some guidelines to help residents properly dispose of tree debris:

Residents are encouraged to:

  • Remove any debris that may be located in or along the roadway in front of their property and prepare it for weekly leaf waste collection;
  • Tree debris must be tied in lengths no longer than 4’; or in biodegradable paper bags and placed curbside on their regular leaf collection pickup day. Tree debris left out for leaf waste collection may NOT exceed 6" in diameter. Additionally, debris bundles should NOT exceed 25 lbs. and bags should NOT exceed 50lbs.
  • Residents who have an excess amount of debris or branches/logs that exceed 4' in length and 6" in diameter will need to make other arrangements for removal, like calling a tree service. The Township cannot accept large diameter limbs as it does not have the capacity to collect and process such material


In order to restore power as quickly as possible, PECO crews and contractors will not be removing trees or other storm debris. PECO crews and contractors are likely to place the debris on a property in the vicinity of the tree/s being cleared. Homeowners are responsible for disposing of tree debris from their properties in accordance to the guidance listed above by either preparing the tree debris for curbside pickup or by contacting a private tree service to remove the debris. 

The Township thanks and appreciates all of our residents for their understanding as we all work to clean-up our community and dispose of tree debris in a speedy and appropriate manner. 


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