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With wintery weather expected to hit our area, the Township would like to remind all residents of the following winter weather guidelines:

Trash & Recycle Collection to Continue as Normal

Trash and recycle collection for the Friday trash route is expected to continue as normal for January 7th, 2022. However, due to winter weather, delays in collection are anticipated. Residents are encouraged to put their trash and recycle out for collection Friday morning, no later than 7 am. Residents should place cans off of the roadway so that plows can get to the curb with ease. All trash and recycle collection updates will be posted on the Township website. 

Parking Restrictions

  • Please remove all vehicles from streets and roadways. Residents with access to a garage, driveway, or any other form of off-street parking are to utilize them to reduce the number of vehicles on the streets. Those who do NOT have access to off-street parking are allowed to park on-street, but only on the even-numbered side of the street. Where parking restrictions are permanently in effect, such restrictions shall prevail.

If you are aware of a neighbor who does not have off-street parking available to them, please consider offering space in your driveway if possible so that streets can be cleared of ice and snow as completely and efficiently as possible.

Keeping the roads clear of vehicles allows our Public Works Department to properly clear all roadways quickly and efficiently. Your assistance in helping the crew clear the roadways to the best of their ability is greatly appreciated.

Residents Encouraged to Clear Sidewalks

All sidewalks must be cleared of snow and ice by the abutting property owner within 24 hours after snow has stopped falling. Please remember that it is against the law to throw and/or shovel snow into or upon any road or street in the Township. Please note: Springfield Township Public Works does not remove snow from private driveways or residences.  

Don't Put Snow in the Street

  • Please refrain from blowing or shoveling any snow back into the roadway, especially after they have been plowed. It might be convenient, but blowing or shoveling snow back into the road creates added risk to drivers, including our Public Works crews. It is also unlawful to throw, shovel, or plow snow into or on any roads and streets within the Township. 
  • Remove on-street/curb-line basketball nets. Basketball nets must be removed from the roadway and stored away from the curb line.  
  • HELPFUL TIP: Leave space to avoid being plowed in.  Shoveling out a space just before your driveway allows the snow that builds up on the plow to fall off in that space and not in your driveway!

You can view the Township's Snow and Ice Removal Guidelines by clicking the link below:

Snow & Ice Removal Guidelines

About our Snow Removal Process

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